The Advantages of Working with Gilad Home Team

Moving to a new place is an experience accompanied by mixed feelings: there’s the sadness of leaving the old and familiar from one hand, and the excitement of a new beginning. But when you add to the mix relocating to a new country and unfamiliar area, the fear of the new kicks in, and this can be stressful.

How do we look for a house? Where should we live? Is there a shortcut to work? How will we make new friends?  Is this a good school? How do I find a daycare for my toddler? And more…One of the questions that probably comes up is “who should I work with? Should I work with an American or a local Israeli Realtor?

Beyond the immediate benefit of speaking the same language, allow me to share with you the advantages of working with me.

One of the biggest advantages is the fact that I was new here once as well. I also moved my family across the ocean to a new place, with a baby – a place I knew nothing about and didn’t know anyone there. And I remember, till this day, how it feels not to know where the supermarket is, where to buy furniture or what to do if I need a physician. Moreover, I remember the loneliness: not to know anyone, when there are no friends to ask for help, there’s no one to ask for a cup of sugar like we say in Israel. Therefore, as a real-estate agent, I made it my business to help couples and families who move to this area to become part of the local community – whether by introducing them to similar families, or refer to a pediatrician or to the best priced supermarket.

It is true that as a real estate agent I’m “only” supposed to help you find a house, and there are other realtors that speak Hebrew that can help you with this, but because of my experience, it is my top priority to help you become part of the community and make it a pleasant and painless process. Since I live and work here for more than 8 years, I have strong ties to the local Israeli and Jewish community and I can help you make new friends, recommend a Mediterranean restaurant and tell you where to buy Israeli pickles.

The buying/ renting process here is very different than the one in Israel, and even varies between states within the U.S. Just like in any profession, the real-estate world has its own jargon, which newcomers are not familiar with. There’s a seller agent, a buyer agent, a landlord agent and a renter agent and even dual agent, and you need to know who you work with and why. As someone who knows how it works in Israel and how it is here, I’m very aware of the issues, questions and concerns you might have through the process, and I’m always here to help, answer any questions and address your concerns.  Working with someone who knows and understand your culture (yes, yes, with the typical Israeli honesty and directness), and is highly experienced in the local one is PRICELESS.

So if you are relocating to the metro Atlanta area, contact us today and I’ll be more than happy to talk with you, get to know you and understand yours and your family needs, whether it’s work-related, school for your kids or your pets. I’m always here to help you find a new place to call home, become part of the community and make the whole experience joyful as possible!