Buyer Resources

Finding your dream home is not easy! Let me and my team help you through this process and make sure you find your perfect house!  I make it our business to know every property for sale in the area.  To give us an idea of what you are looking for, please fill out this short
contact form. We will send you free information on the home-buying process and how to get started on your search for your new home!       

Why Work with an  Agent?

Who should I work with? A buyer's agent? a seller's agent? Click here to get an answer.

Are You Ready to Own?

Not sure it's time to find your own house? Do you want to paints your bedroom walls in any color you please? Do you want to provide your family with a sense of stability? Or maybe you are just reid of saving all your quarters to the laundermat? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, contact us today for a free consultation. Still wondering? Check out the top 10 signs you are ready to own

How Can I Get Ready to Own?

For further resources on how to understand Real Estate representation, improve your credit, steps to take before you buy and more, click here.

I Found a House I Love, What Happens Next?

Wondering what happens after you find your perfect house? Read about the steps of buying a home

How do I Know What I can Afford? 

Check our easy to use mortgage calculator and the Georgia property tax information. 

Ready, Set, Move!

After you find your new home, find some useful tips on how to make it an easy smooth move on you and your family!